‘Person of Interest’ Recap: An Honorable Thief

Jim Caviezel, Person of InterestCBS Television Network

This week’s episode in a nutshell: The gang of John Reese — who had just returned after going AWOL due to his grieving over the death of Joss Carter, Harold Finch, Samantha Shaw, and Lionel Fusco — had to help Kelli Lin (Elaine Tan), an art thief, steal the Gutenberg Bible from a very, very secure building to emancipate her from the ruthless Czechoslovakian criminals who were holding her daughter hostage. The Czechs were also killing people to frame Lin. They did all this while also trying to thwart an intrepid Interpol police officer (Henri Lubatti) on her trail There was much banter, technology, gymnastics and also a modicum of punches thrown.

Did The Good Guys Win?

Yes. They were able to get Lin off free and even got the Interpol Agent on her side.

Amusing Scenes

– Finch wagging his eyebrows at a patron, pretending that he and Reese were a couple at an art event, which led them to meet Lin for the first time.

– Finch looking mildly perplexed at the instructions on how to set up a 3-D printer. They used it to make makeshift fingerprints to get past a scanner at the building.

– Shaw’s moment of pause when Finch told her to lick her latex fingers to help thwart the scanner’s temperature reading

A Couple of Somewhat Unrealistic Moments

– A set-up of what look like gymnast bars on the ceiling for Lin, who had been a World Champion gymnast for China prior to her life of crime, to use to get over an electric fence. It was still nowhere near as silly as the stuff in Gymkata.

– Fusco somehow being able to intercede twice and keep Reese and Shaw from being arrested at different intervals. Cool scenes, but still…

Best Moment

It was a tie between Reese suddenly appearing in on the webcam in the room that the little girl was being held hostage and beating up her captor before freeing her and the silent tribute to Carter at the end of the episode.

Reese Angst Level

Minimal. He did have a drink poured for Carter at the end of the episode, but other than that, he was the same hyper-focused Reese who often solved problems with his fists.

Did Reese Kick People’s Asses?

In one scene, he was overpowered by guards, but that was by design to allow Shaw and Lin access into the building. He did destroy the captor of Lin’s child. So, yeah.

Was It a Good Episode?

Yes, since it was a straight-forward one, which was welcome after the long arcs of the past few weeks. I’m sure there will be more twists and turns in the near future, but this was a good change of pace. Sarah Shahi is really doing well stepping in as the main female lead. 

Best Lines

“AWOL and air travel and he doesn’t miss a beat.” Shaw talking about Reese

“Finch, where’s my spare weapon?”

“I moved it to the history section. Update your arsenal, John.” Shaw thought Reese could use slightly more modern weapons

“I know how to work it… along with the .380 in my handbag. So watch it.” Shaw getting all the good lines in the episode

“Did I just hear the word ‘Mommy’?” Shaw, realizing that things had just gone really sideways for the gang after she initially thwarted Lin from getting the Gutenberg Bible

“I already cut myself loose.” Lin to a shocked Finch and Shaw, who thought they had tied her thoroughly; fortunately, she realized she needed their help