10 Reasons Why Pete Campbell and King Joffrey Are Basically the Same Person

Jack Gleeson and Vincent Kartheiser, Game of Thrones, Mad MenHBO/AMC

When Pete Campbell petulantly shoved a beer can into Trudy’s immaculately-frosted cake in a recent Mad Men episode, it sparked the realization: Pete Campbell and Joffrey Baratheon are basically the same person. Here’s a bit of the evidence we’ve compiled to that effect:

1. They’ve both mastered the art of the b**chface. Heck, Pete even has a whole Tumblr dedicated to his.

2. They’re both really into weapons… a little too much, if you know what I mean.


3. They both abuse their power whenever possible…

4. …Especially when it comes to ladies: they’re both absolutely horrible to women. Okay, so Pete never murdered a prostitute with a crossbow. But he did rape an au pair, and who knows what sadistic shenanigans he’d get up to if he were King of the Seven Kingdoms?

5. They both have an unmistakably weasely quality to them.

6. They both favor a smarmy, smug expression (see above) that just makes you want to slap them. Speaking of which…

7. They’ve both gotten some well-deserved sense knocked into them:

Hurrah for Lane and Tyrion, eh?

8. They’re both very prone to toddler-level temper tantrums.  Remember when Pete literally threw his dinner out the window?  Or when Joffrey had a butcher boy killed just for humiliating him?

9. They both got married to women who were too beautiful for them. (I mean seriously: Margaery Tyrell? Trudy Campbell? Way out of their respective leagues).

10. …and didn’t manage to stay married to them for long. Ba-dum-tssh!

Now I really want them to switch shows – wouldn’t you just kill to see Joffrey ragefully fall on his a** on his way down a flight of stairs? Or Pete get gruesomely poisoned at his own wedding reception? I’m not sure how well Joffrey would do at SC&P, but you can bet Pete would be way into winning the Iron Throne – though he’d obviously lose it to Peggy.