Pierce Brosnan Stars In Stephen King Miniseries

pierce brosnanPierce Brosnan will star in new A+E miniseries, Bag Of Bones. The series is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel about a writer (that narrows it down) who moves to Maine (again, helpful) after the death of his wife, and becomes embroiled in a decades-old mystery. Fair warning, this is King in “spooky ghost” mode, not “heartwarming period piece” mode.

Brosnan was last seen in Roman Polanski thriller The Ghost Writer. Interestingly, the actor also appeared in The Lawnmower Man, a loose adaptation of a Stephen King story that he sued to have his name removed from.

Horror director Mick Garris is directing the miniseries, from an adapted script by Matt Venne. Bag Of Bones will also feature Annabeth Gish (Brotherhood) as Brosnan’s wife. 

Bag Of Bones will air in two parts on A+E, towards the end of 2011.

Source: AOLtv