The Guys of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Ranked From Best to Creepiest

As a general rule, the men of Rosewood are, well, kind of creepy. Some are creepier than others, some used to be creepy but have since redeemed themselves, and a few exceptions are simply good guys…for now, anyway. Trust them at your own risk. In honor of the Pretty Little Liars’  winter premiere (set to air on ABC Family tonight), we present to you a ranking of the PLL guys on a scale of best to creepiest – starting with the best.

1. Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn)



Caleb has been nothing but supportive of our girls – especially Hanna. His priority has always been protecting her. The creepiest thing he ever did was leave Rosewood for the failed spinoff, Ravenswood, where he dealt with ghosts or some such nonsense. We’re just glad he’s back! He proves the men of PLL aren’t ALL bad.

2. Jake (Ryan Guzman)

Jake was nice. We liked Jake. What happened to Jake? Sure, he was meant to be a rebound guy for Aria, but he could’ve been so much more. He was a martial arts instructor (hot) and he warned Aria about Ezra (smart).

3. Mike Montgomery (Cody Allen Christian)


Remember when Aria’s little bro went through a phase of breaking and entering? It was a more a cry for attention than actual creepiness, though. The creepiest thing he’s done is date Mona, but he genuinely liked her for some reason.

4. Travis Hobbs (Luke Kleintank)

Travis was Hanna’s fairly innocuous rebound boyfriend – until she realized that Caleb is the best and there’s no sense pretending otherwise. He was a caring and understanding guy while he lasted, though. 

5. Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen)


Toby started out as a seriously suspicious character. He was a social outcast who had an affair with his step-sister. Then just as he started to show Spencer his sweet side, he was unmasked as one of A’s minions (that black hoodie reveal, though)! He only did it to protect the girls and all is quickly forgiven (even though the whole debacle put Spencer in a MENTAL INSTITUTION). Now he’s a cop.

6. Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker)


He’s a past drug abuser with questionable motives and a contentious relationship with his half-sister Alison. But then again, who doesn’t have a contentious relationship with Ali? We still can’t get a read on this guy, but he’s intriguing nonetheless.

7. Lucas Gottesman (Brendon Robinson)


Lucas started out as a sweet nerd with an unrequited crush on Hanna. Somewhere along the way he started helping Mona with her dirty work and went from sweet nerd to shady nerd.

8. Wren Kingston (Julian Morris)



This guy’s a doctor so he’s supposed to be somewhat intelligent, right? So why has he kissed not one, but two underage girls (Spencer and Hanna)? Are there seriously not enough of-age women in this town? Also, he seemingly knows more about “A” than he lets on.

9. Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty)


What is Noel Kahn’s deal? Will we ever find out? He was one of the few people who knew Ali was alive the whole time. Why did she trust him? Should we trust him? Things were much simpler when Brant Daugherty was on Dancing with the Stars.

 10. Det. Gabriel Holbrook (Sean Faris)

Surprise, surprise. Another older dude with a thing for younger girls. Detective Holbrook has smooched both Hanna and Ali – and he continues to investigate the PLLers. How do you still have a badge, sir?

11. Det. Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson) 


Detective Wilden was a creepy cop who thought good police work meant blackmailing teenage girls. He’s dead now, but we can’t say he didn’t get what was coming to him.

12. Zack (Steve Talley)

We were always a bit suspicious about the way this coffee shop owner whisked Aria’s mom away to Austria. Then right before he could become Aria’s new step-daddy, he revealed himself to be a true creep. He got handsy with Hanna and was promptly kicked to the curb by Mama Montgomery. He was also decked by Caleb, once again proving our point that Caleb is the best. 

13. Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding)


Never in the history of teen dramas has there been a more glorified pedophile than Mr. Ezra Fitz. He starts an affair with Aria, his teenage student, basically just so he can dig up dirt on all her friends for a book he’s writing. But at least he’s not “A,” right? Why is this guy not in jail?!

We can agree they’re all pretty hot though, right? Who do YOU think is the creepiest PLL guy? Tell us on Twitter!