Preview 2 Clips From The Premiere of ‘Son Of Zorn’

It’s tough being a stepfather and a brave warrior.

Zorn (Jason Sudeikis) is trying to do both. He’s the defender of Zephyria, Conqueror of the tribes of Agon, and decapitator of the dark herdsman of Girth. However now he faces the greatest challenge of his life. Moving to suburbia. Zorn’s ex-wife Edie (Cheryl Hines) has given up on the party lifestyle and has since found a new man in Craig (Tim Meadows). Zorn still wants to have a relationship with their son Alangulon, or his other name “Alan” (Johnny Pemberton). In this clip, you can see Zorn adjusting to suburbia life while trying to contact Alangulon:


In this second clip, Zorn takes Alangulon to the batting cages, since all suburban humans love baseball. Zorn doesn’t quite get it though and uses his sword as the bat. In this clip, Zorn tries to tell Alangulon about his day at work.


Son of Zorn premieres Sunday, September 25, 2016, at 8:30 PM on FOX.

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