Preview ABC’s Shondaland’s Newest Show ‘The Catch’ In Clips

Shonda Rhimes is one hell of a Producer. She’s the reason for all of ABC’s stellar Thank God It’s Thursday (also coined Shondaland) lineup which includes Grey’s AnatomyScandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. Her newest show is ‘The Catch’ and ABC calls it “the sexiest game of cat-and-mouse”. The show premieres in one week but lucky for you we have clips from the premiere. SPOILER ALERT if you know nothing about the show and just want to watch it, these clips are full of spoilers. On the other hand, if you haven’t caught on (pun intended), keep scrolling!

‘The Catch’ follows Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos), LA’s top private investigator and a woman you don’t want to mess with. The episode starts with an art gallery event and when Alice finds her target, she takes him down with force:


Alice’s life is pretty much perfect. She’s engaged to Christopher Hall (Peter Krause) and couldn’t be happier about it. One night she tries on her wedding dress and in this steamy scene he takes it off of her:


Chris decides that night that he wants to run away, elope, and just get married. In this clip, she tells the entire office. When she decides to go ahead with getting eloped she leaves the office early to one HELL of a surprise:


Chris has disappeared, and so has everything in their home and his office. Turns out things aren’t so perfect for Alice.


Christopher Hall is actually a character named Benjamin Jones, the exact person that Alice’s firm has been going after whose been able to stay ahead of Alice because he’s the person that knew him best.


Alice then spends the rest of the episode looking back into their relationship during better days:

Can Alice catch Benjamin? Can Benjamin stay away? The Catch premieres next Thursday, March 24 at 10/9c on ABC.