Preview This Sunday’s ‘The $100,000 Pyramid’ In Video Clips

It’s Summertime and normally that means reruns for TV. Not for ABC. ABC has been killing it with their celebrity game show lineup. Shows include Celebrity Family FeudThe $100,000 Pyramid, and Match Game. Today we have clips from The $100,000 Pyramid, and to start we have some of the funniest ladies in Saturday Night Live history, Rachel Dratch and Ana Gasteyer.


First up is Rachel Dratch who chooses the very interesting subject Tri-curious, things that are shaped like a triangle:


Next Ana Gasteyer and her partner decide to make it rain with words associated with bad weather:



Those aren’t the only celebs for the night, Good Morning America host Robin Roberts vs comedian Mario Cantone:


Mario Cantone and his partner choose “Daters Gonna Date” where they have to name things that someone would have in their dating profile, and Mario is calm FOR ONCE:


Finally Robin Roberts and her partner choose “Something To Taco-bout”, or things that you put in a taco:


Can the celeb and contestant climb The $100,000 Pyramid? I know, but you’ll have to watch the episode to find out. This Episode, Episode 2 airs Sunday, July 3, 2016 at 9:00 PM on ABC

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