Preview Tonight’s Horrifying ‘Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House’

Tonight’s Halloween and while spending it in watching horror movies is completely acceptable, there is an option for some real life horror.


‘Paranormal Lockdown’ is a reality television series that locks up investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman up at a haunted location for 72 hours to see if the location truly is haunted. Tonight for Halloween they will spend time at the Black Monk House in Yorkshire, England, more commonly known as “Europe’s most violent haunting”. The two investigators will also do something that’s never been done in horror reality tv. Instead of the normal 72 hours, they two will be confined for 100 hours, setting the records as the longest paranormal investigation on television.

The Black Monk House for the last 30 years has visitors say that the have heard “unexplainable demonic sounds, objects levitating and being physically attacked”. One little girl was even dragged up a flight of stairs by an unseen assailant, forcing the family to flee.


TLC is airing a marathon of Paranormal Lockdown starting today (October 31, 2016) at 3:00 PM with the grand finale of the premiere of Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House at 9/8c.

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