Preview Clips From Tonight’s #TGIT

How To Get Away With Murder may have just finished season 2, but that doesn’t mean Shonda Rhimes and ABC’s “Thank God It’s Thursday” has to be over. Shonda’s newest show ‘The Catch’ premieres tonight and they hope viewers love it like they do the rest of her lineup. Below are previews to these hot new episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy

Season 12 Episode 15 – “I am not waiting anymore” 8:00 PM ET

During the episode Alex and the doctors take on an open heart transplant surgery. More importantly, Jackson (Jesse Williams) is in the process of a divorce with April (Sarah Drew), but when he finds out she’s pregnant he is livid that she never told him for fear that it would change things:



Season 5 Episode 15 – “Pencils Down” 9:00 PM ET

The synposis of the episode says “When Mellie makes a public gaffe, Olivia tries to fix it; the Gladiators learn about Jake’s romance.” In the preview clip, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) runs a focus group to see what people actually think of Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and it does not go well for Mellie:


The Catch

Season 1 Episode 1 – “Pilot” 10:00 PM ET

If you missed out on the 6 clips we posted last week of the series premiere of ‘The Catch’ head here to check those out. Below is yet another clip from that premiere. In the clip, Alice (Mireille Enos) gives Chris (Peter Krause) her half of the down payment for the house, and after she leaves we meet Margo (Sonya Walger) the other women:

#TGIT starts tonight at 8:00 EST on ABC.