14 Problems Only ‘Scandal’ Fans Can Understand

#TGIT fans know that Shonda Rhimes domination of Thursdays is sealed into it’s top spot thanks to Scandal. This show about political fixer Olivia Pope is one of Shonda’s greatest creations (we are including Grey’s Anatomy in that statement). Every Scandal fan knows, loves, and hates this show. It gives us life, week after week, and yet it ruins our lives, week after week. Only a dedicated fan can understand these Scandal probs.

Every single problem* you have can be solved with wine:
olivia pope animated GIF Tumblr/ABC
*All of your problems are obviously caused by Scandal.
Every time you mention liking Scandal and the Jake vs. Fitz debate breaks out:
When a cliffhanger happens and you want to call Shonda Rhimes like:
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Your face every time your favorite character makes a shitty life choice:
When people try to tell you Fitz and Olivia will never work:
Whenever a guy is stepping out of line, you need Olivia to shut him down:
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Whenever you need to let someone know things are taken care of, you say:
Whenever the Gladiators are having a bad day, you need to think about jam...:
Whenever Jake tries to sway Olivia to leave Fitz because he can "protect" her:
Like you can protect her better than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES can.
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If you don't know what to say, chug some wine:
You now use a white hat to make moral judgements:
You have accepted that relationships on this show have a scary fate:
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Really, relationships don't last long on Scandal:
Except for Liv and Fitz, which will be longer and more complicated than most of our lives.
No matter what the writers come up with, you still keep coming back for more:

We should breakup with this show at this point, but we’re not going to. We love you too much. See you soon for season 5.


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