13 Questions ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Fans Need Answered

ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder is dark, twisted and full of way more questions than answers. For the entire first season, Shonda Rhimes scandalous drama starring the Emmy and Oscar nominated Viola Davis kept viewers on the edge of their seats, ill-prepared for all of the shocking revelations that continued to reveal themselves. Loyalties were tested, people were betrayed but most of all there were quite a few shocking deaths. The second season of the series is set to premiere on Thursday, Sept. 24th.  Until then, here are 13 questions that HTGAWM fans want answered immediately.  Season 1 spoilers ahead!

1. Who killed Rebecca?


Like seriously, her death just came out of nowhere! Luckily the culprit will be revealed in the season premiere.

2. What is Annalise’s connection to Wes?


No shade, but there was definitely no reason for Wes to get chosen for Annalise’s internship. Also, there was that weird moment between them in that bathroom during season one. Their relationship definitely has some Mrs. Robinson vibes, and we need to know why.

3. Why did Frank owe Sam?


The season finale revealed that Frank killed Lila on Sam’s orders because he owed Sam a favor. That must have be a HUGE favor so we definitely need to know what it was.

4.  Who is Frank really?!


The man can seriously wear a suit, but he’s definitely giving off Huck/B613 vibes.

5. Who or what is EGGS 911?


Rebecca was texting someone before she died, when the interns tied her up in Annalise’s basement. It could’ve been Nate because they worked together before, but it could also be someone who hasn’t been revealed yet.

6. Will Nate ever clear his name?


Annalise has done Nate so wrong. His only crime was having an affair with her, and somehow he ended up on trial for her husband’s murder.

7. Is Annalise aware that Frank killed Lila?


Annalise might appear to be ignorant on the subject, but not much gets past her normally.

8. Is Bonnie + Asher going to last?


Seriously, the whole relationship is a bit icky… hopefully it doesn’t.

9. How will Michaela get back at Laurel?


We all know it’s coming. While disposing of Sam’s body, Michaela thought she lost her engagement ring. It turns out, Laurel had it the entire time as collateral in case Michaela went to the police. Now that Laurel has showed her hand, Michaela will certainly clap back.

10. Did Wes murder his mother?


Something isn’t all the way gravy about Wes, and Rebecca confirmed as much when she told everyone that Wes killed his mother. Rebecca wasn’t the most trustworthy person, but she might not be lying about this particular thing.

11. Will Connor stick by Oliver?


After getting tested together, Conner and his boyfriend Oliver were devastated to discover that Oliver is HIV positive. Will Connor stick by Oliver during this difficult time?

12. Is Sam’s sister gone for good?


Last season, Sam’s sister Hannah came to town convinced that Annalise played a hand in Sam’s disappearance and death. Though she’s gone for the time being, will she return this season for more answers?

13. Will all of the interns make it to the end of season two?


That’s the real question isn’t it? Who will meet an untimely demise next.

While you wait for answers, take a look at the trailer for season two of How To Get Away With Murder.


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