12 Questions We Need Answered During Season 4 Of ‘Girls’

Another season of Girls  is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me a lot of thoughts are going through your head. Last season left off with so many characters going in so many different directions. I mean, Hannah (Lena Dunham) gets accepted to school in a completely different state! Where will things go from here? 

1. Will we have anymore cringe-inducing Marnie performances? Because we can’t handle anymore.

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2. Will Hanna and Adam be able to work things out?


3. Will Shoshanna go down a sad, depressing spiral like Marnie?


4. Are we going to have another awesome drugged-fueled party scene this season? Hey, it’s not bad if it only happens once a season right?


5. Will Hanna just quit grad school like she does with most things and come back to New York?


6. Will Adam continue to pursue acting?


7. Will these two get back together?


8. Will Marnie be able to keep that poor little kitten alive? (Please say yes!)


9. Will we get anymore craziness from Booth Jonathan?


10. Will Jemima be able to hold down a job?


11. Will Elijah be right about Marnie’s crush on her guitar player?


12. Will we get anymore choreographed dances from the group?


So many important questions! Let us know what you want answered in this season of Girls by tweeting the Twitter handles below!