14 Questions Everyone Has While Watching ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead has made us all paranoid: would we survive a zombie apocalypse? The truth is, we probably wouldn’t (and neither would most of the cast, except for Norman Reedus, cause he’s badass). Over the course of five seasons, besides wondering who was going to make it, we’ve had a lot of consistent questions about TWD.

1. Who cuts the grass?


With all those walkers around, there is no way people can crank up a lawn mower, so how is it they rarely (if ever) run into over grown grass? Alternatively, with all the walking these walkers do on the grass, shouldn’t it be dying too?

2. How do the women have such perfect eyebrows?


Did someone find tweezers on a raid? These brows don’t look like the work of tweezers, but the work of someone with a talent for waxing. And we know they didn’t find a waxing kit and have been carrying it around for five seasons.

3. How big is Rick’s beard going to get?


Will we will be able to see his face by season 7? Why won’t he shave? Is this an ode to Hershel?

4. But Glenn and Daryl have nice facial hair?


Given their limited amount of supplies, as they’re now moving from place to place, wouldn’t they be sharing the same shaving kit if they have one? Why does no one look like they’re using the same razor…

5. How does Daryl maintain his salon quality hair?


So many grooming questions. Why are they so well groomed yet so  dirty in every episode?

6. Why are they STILL in Georgia?


You’d think after all this time, with things never working out for them in rural Georgia, they would have finally left? I mean, now they’re on the move, but COME ON.

7. Why do they almost never run into dogs?


In the 61 episodes that have aired so far, we’ve seen dogs how many times? 2, maybe 3 times? The dogs can easily outrun walkers and humans. And, it doesn’t look like they were infected by the disease, so where the hell are the dogs!?

8. Do the walkers ever get full?


I get that they’re zombies, but really they seem to have this endless appetite and I’d love to know what is their limit? How many humans can they eat in one day before it’s just too much? 5? 10? 50?

9. Why was a Hyundai the zombie survival car?


I smell product placement. Wouldn’t a huge truck have been safer, albeit a gas guzzler?

10. How do you actually say the name Carl?


Carl? Karl? Coral?

11. Why did Tyrese wear a wool-knit hat when everyone is always sweating?


We literally sweat every time we saw that damn hat on his head. How aren’t you hot yet?!

12. Why doesn’t Rick have a better method for solving issues?


How does this solve anything? There are real problems that need to be taken care of Rick.

13. Why does everyone try to kill Glenn?


“We need someone as human bait? Let’s use Glenn!” “Glenn, go check out that ominous sound!” Just leave Glenn alone already.

14. Isn’t a crossbow the most inconvenient weapon to carry?


Isn’t a a huge pain in the ass to collect the arrows after shooting walkers? What about when Daryl can’t grab his arrows? What does he do then? I don’t image that they stumble upon arrows as often as they would regular ammo.