Ralph Macchio Eliminated from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Ralph Macchio started out this season of competition very strongly and at one point, he even topped the leader board. But last night, he learned he wouldn’t be getting any more chances to reclaim that coveted top spot because for the second week in a row, he earned the lowest score of the remaining competitors and his supporters just weren’t strong enough to push him into the finals, so he was eliminated. When talking to Brooke and Tom, he thanked Karina for being his dance partner and for inspiring him in so many ways. After the taping ended, Ralph told reporters, “With the extra 15 points that Chelsea and Mark gained, between Hines’ and Kirstie’s fan bases and the deficit we were put at with the judges’ scores and comments, I wasn’t quite sure even the biggest fan base out there could have overcome that deficit. So I was ready for it.” (He was referring to Bruno’s comment on their dance, which was that Karina was “too rough with the pussy, darling.”) Karina told reporters that she was angry how unprofessional Bruno’s comment was and said, “They said everything besides the actual words, ‘we don’t want you in the finale.'”

Source: EW