Ranking The 20 Best ‘One Tree Hill’ Characters

Tree Hill was home to many interesting, awesome, and insane characters. We can’t rank everyone (because who wants to remember people like Felix or Anna) and we all know the crazy chicks like Nanny Carrie and Katie belong in jail, not on this list. Here’s to the main/big supporting characters that made One Tree Hill a show we never wanted to stop watching.

20. Victoria Davis

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So about 90% of the time Bitchtoria sucked, but she did redeem herself in those later seasons by being there for Brooke. She may have been a bitch, but she was our favorite bitch.

19. Deb Scott

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Deb was kind of a hot mess, but then again who wouldn’t be after being married to Dan Scott? Her drug and alcohol problems taken care of, she still wasn’t the best mom (who dates their kids friends?!) but she did save Jamie and Haley, and thank God for that.

18. Quentin Fields

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Q started out as an asshole (sound familiar?) but turned into a big softie, who helped Nathan with his basketball comeback and was an adorable older best friend to Jamie. We all sobbed pretty hard when we lost him.

17. Jake Jagielski

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Poor Jake. He could have treated Peyton well, but we all know that Leyton was the OTP. He really was a great guy, plus he was super hot and a really sweet single father. We still feel for him.

16. Clay Evans

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Clay was OTH attempt at replacing Lucas. It didn’t really work, but he was an okay guy. He helped Nathan, which is why he makes this list. He also had an insane amount of drama that kept things interesting, I.E. a stalker who looks like his dead wife shooting him and Quinn. Oh. and the time he forgot he had a kid.

15. Quinn James

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And then there was Quinn, sent to replace Peyton. She didn’t. She was another one of Haley’s siblings (how many did she have?!) but not the slutty one, Taylor we’re looking at you. Quinn was goofy and while she didn’t make up for Peyton leaving, she was actually a very sweet character and made us laugh.

14. Antwon “Skills” Taylor

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Skills was Naley’s biggest fan (after us). While he didn’t always make good choices for himself (See: His relationship with Deb) he was always a good friend, there to lend advice when one of the Scott boys was being stupid or when one of the many women of Tree Hill needed help. Remember when he was the Baby Proofer?

13. Millicent Huxtable

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Millie as Brooke’s assistant/employee = an incredible person who was always there for Brooke. Millie the model = awful and we should all forget her cocaine phase. Thank god Mouth and her got back together and she became normal again.

12. Whitey Durham

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Do coaches like Whitey exist in real life? He really cared about Lucas and Nathan, hated Dan like we all did, and taught everyone some valuable life lessons, while being hilarious and as adorable as a tough basketball coach can be.

11. Marvin “Mouth” McFadden

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Mouth might not have been the best dancer, but he was a great friend to Lucas Scott and the other guys of the River Court. But it’s his friendship with Brooke over the years that made us truly love him. 

10. Jamie Scott

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Jamie circa season 5 is the cutest thing ever. He got to be buddies with everyone: his dad, his uncle Luke, his uncle Skills, his godmomma Brooke, Q…basically you were only  cool on this show if Jamie liked you. Which is probably why we started to really like Dan Scott, since Jamie loved him so much.

9. Dan Scott

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Dan was the greatest antagonist this show ever saw, and there were a ton of crazy people (Psycho Derek and Xavier, to name a few). You loved to hate him. He was a terrible father, a murderer, a corrupt politician/businessman, and all around kind of insane. But at the end of the day, he was Dan Scott and no one was better than Dan Scott…

8. Keith Scott

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…except for Keith Scott, his big brother. AKA Lucas’ surrogate father. Since, you know, Dan ditched Karen after he got her pregnant, went and got Deb pregnant and then married her. Keith kept it classy, which had to be hard with Dan as your brother, and took care of Lucas and Karen. We’re STILL not over his death. When he came back in season 9, we wept.

7. Karen Roe

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Karen was by far the most responsible parent to the teenagers of Tree Hill. She showed Dan Scott she didn’t need a man for her life to turn out great and she definitely got the easier Scott boy because of it. Karen always gave advice that we could actually use in our own lives.

6. Julian Baker

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Any guy that can take care of Brooke Davis and love her unconditionally deserves to be in the Top 10. Julian might have come into OTH with not-so-wonderful intentions, but he proved that he was the perfect man for Brooke and we’ve been in love with him ever since.

5. Peyton Sawyer

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Peyton was probably the angstiest cheerleader to ever exist and that’s what we loved about her. She was broody (for good reasons) and dark at times, but way deep down, she never gave up on love. She got her man in the end (becoming Peyton Scott!).

4. Haley James Scott

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Haley has always been one of the best characters (season 2 Haley aside) to ever grace our screens. She made Nathan the man he is today. She was a great momma. She always stuck up for her friends and didn’t care what people thought of her, I mean she wore that poncho all the time in high school.

3. Nathan Scott

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Nathan proved that jock-assholes can become loving husbands and amazing fathers. Also, Nathan kind of became the dorky guy who thinks Shrek is a good movie to have a favorite quote from.

2. Lucas Scott 

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Now, we’re still very mad at Lucas for leaving, and he almost came after Nathan, but let’s be honest. Without Lucas Scott, there would be no One Tree Hill. Even after he left, he still was mentioned in almost every episode. Talk about never getting over a guy.

1. Brooke Davis

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Broke is the ultimate OTH character. She changed from party-girl cheerleader to power-house Brooke, running (then losing, then gaining back, then losing again) her own company flawlessly while handling jerk boyfriends, crazy parents, and falling in love with an amazing man. Brooke is the girl we always wanted to become. Thanks for the memories B. Davis!

Honorable mentions:

Logan, because he stole the show in season 9 with his cuteness.

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Sam Walker, because that poor girl was all kind of messed up and Brooke still took he under her wing and made us care about her. But then, she went and left. Can we quote Peyton and say People Always Leave.

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Chris Keller because even though he attempted to break up Naley, he kept us entertained. Who didn’t love it when he came back in season 4 and called Haley “plump”, only to have her say she’s pregnant and he’s an asshole. Classic Chris Keller.

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OTH forever.