‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: The Curse of Carlton

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo

We start the show at Carlton’s risqué annual pool party. This is the first time she has had a party with the girls and her goal is to impress. Everyone is surprised with the naked girls painted silver and gold, but nobody seems offended. Lisa found the party and the gift bags distasteful, but she didn’t seem angry about it. The only person who actually got angry was Carlton, at Kyle. Carlton was showing off her new tattoo and Kyle’s first reaction was, “Is that the Jewish star?!”

Of course it pissed Carlton off because Kyle never respects her religion, which is Wiccan, in case you weren’t clear. But the girls pulled it together, Carlton noticed a necklace on Kyle and complimented it and than Kyle took it off and handed it right over. Carlton’s opinion of Kyle is momentarily changed. 

Kim wasn’t at the party, she was at a convention for celebrities who have fans and can’t explain why. She takes this chance to thank her ‘fans’ for their help in getting and keeping her sober.

Yolanda’s daughter Gigi is preparing to leave for college and Yolanda is sad, she wants Gigi to leave with a positive memory of her life on the West coast. She invites the girls over to make paintings similar to the ones hanging in her kitchen, and at the last minute Lisa calls and cancels. This upsets Yolanda, she thinks that Lisa should have called the night before. It’s hard not to agree with Yolanda here. Even though we love Lisa, and she can usually do no wrong, she did throw a fit earlier this season when Carlton bailed on her dinner party last minute.

Joyce and Carlton arrive to Yolanda’s and they are about to carry the wine upstairs but the girls agree they’re not going to drink. Joyce makes an off-color remark about waiting for Brandi to arrive to bring up the bottle and Carlton immediately jumps in, correcting Joyce and telling her not to judge Brandi. Joyce backed down quickly when she realized neither of the girls were going to laugh behind their best friend’s back. Go Carlton!

The girls walk up the stairs to Yolanda’s hill top terrace and when Brandi arrives they start painting. Carlton brings up the question of whether or not Kyle actually likes her, and Joyce tells her to go ahead and ask Kyle- who is missing because she has a guest spot on Days of Our Lives. Carlton brings up spells and Joyce makes the comment that spells only work on those people who believe in them.

Carltons’s reaction: Just wait ‘til you go home Joyce, and we’ll see what happens. And surprisingly enough, the following day we see Joyce tell Kim that her husband got violently ill. Not sick like a normal person would get sick, but sick like something was really wrong with him. Can we say, for the second time, go Carlton!


Carlton casts another spell on Joyce – she drinks herself into Brandi’s normal state of consciousness – FINALLY.

Kim marries one of her fans from her convention, he is also sober.

Lisa apologizes to Yolanda and all is right in the world of our two favorite housewives.