10 Reasons to Watch Showtime’s ‘The Affair’

When The Affair premiered on Showtime in October, it seemed poised to fill the void left by True Detective. A story, told in flashbacks, bookended by police questioning in the present day. A murder. A mystery slowly unraveling. This Showtime drama is full of intrigue. It stars Ruth Wilson and Dominic Wilson as Alison and Noah, two married people whose affair can only spell doom (we’re assuming). If you’re looking for a show to heat up the winter months, this is it. 

1. The haunting opening credits.


 The original song “Container” by Fiona Apple always makes us want to play the opening credits twice. Can we get a full version please?

2. The dual perspectives.


Each episode is split into two parts – “Noah” and “Alison.” We get to see events play out from both of their perspectives, and it’s left to us to decide whose version we believe more. Memory is a funny thing.

3. Ruth Wilson.


There are already people on Twitter clamoring to get her an Emmy nomination. The former Luther actress plays the three versions of Alison so brilliantly – the Alison in her memory, the Alison in Noah’s memory and the Alison in present day. We know she lost a son to tragedy, but she’s still kind of a mystery. Thanks to Wilson’s performance, we can’t wait to find out more.

4. Dominic West.


As a teacher/writer who doesn’t quite fit in with his wife’s rich family, Noah can come across as alternately sympathetic and selfish. West plays both sides fantastically. 

5. The affair (duh).


The attraction between Noah and Alison is seriously steamy, but we know it won’t end well. That makes for great television.

6. The lies.


So many lies. But who’s telling them, and why? We love that the story is being told by unreliable narrators.

7. The mystery.


Noah and Alison recount the details of their affair to a police detective investigating a murder. We recently found out who was killed, but we still don’t know Noah and Alison’s role in it all.

8. The Montauk setting.


The beachy Long Island getaway spot makes a great backdrop for steamy affairs and murder. Bonus points to the show for actually filming there.

9. Joshua Jackson.


Dawson’s Creek‘s Pacey Witter is all grown up and involved in some dirty dealings as shady Montauk rancher (and Alison’s husband) Cole Lockhart. We know you’ve been missing him since Fringe.

10. It’s already been renewed for season 2.


So you can rest assured that your commitment to season 1 will be rewarded!