5 Reasons Nina Dobrev Should Come Back To ‘The Vampire Diaries’

It’s not official but season eight could be the last season of The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham announced it will be their last season on the show. Although it is heartbreaking, it seems like it’s time to move on for the actors. So what is the best way to give the characters a proper send off? By having Nina Dobrev return to her character as Elena Gilbert! Here are five reasons Nina Dobrev should come back to The Vampire Diairies next season.

1. It will bring back the suspense and spark fans have been missing

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The show has been on air for seven years, so it makes since that the steam isn’t in full force anymore. But nothing would bring the numbers back up like announcing Elena will be back. Everyone would want to know how she will deal with all the changes that have happened since she’s been gone. Also will she and Damon be able to pick up where they left off?

2. It will give heartbroken fans closure

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Elena’s last episode was done well. She said goodbye to everyone and it felt like it was the end for the character. But all of that closure goes out the window when you realize her character is really sleeping rather than dead so she could be brought back. Thanks to this, Damon has been pining for her every episode basically never letting go. If she comes back everyone could get the goodbye that doesn’t still leave a hole.

3. Her sleeping body definitely needs to be addressed

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Since Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham announced they were leaving, they have to address Elena. Damon’s drive since she left has been to survive in order to be there for when she wakes up. The best scenario would be for his happy ending to be him reunited with Elena. Anything other than that could be devastating to fans. Also Bonnie’s life is tied to Elena. Ideally this will all be undone and the loophole would be figured out so Bonnie can move on with her life.

4. Damon truly needs her for his happy ending

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Again Damon has barely been able to keep it together since she left. His big emotional journey to becoming a better person has involved her and her brother. Yes, we know the brothers will have a touching last scene. But it still won’t be enough if he can’t see the love of his life ever again.

5. We need one more Delena kiss

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Okay so there might be no other reason for this except we just want to see it. These two have amazing chemistry. Why shouldn’t we get one more kiss to wrap the whole show up?!