11 Reasons ‘Supergirl’ Is the Kickass Femme Fatale We’ve Been Waiting For

Unfortunately, women are still severely underrepresented in superhero universes. From Marvel to DC Comics, lady badasses are usually secondary to their male counterparts. Luckily, things are beginning to change for the better. From the super stealth Black Widow in The Avengers to Netflix/Marvel’s upcoming Jessica Jones, women are about to rule the world. CBS has joined in on the action with their freshman series Supergirl, which premiered earlier this week to amazing numbers. With 13 million people tuning into the new show, Supergirl had the highest viewership for a comic book-based TV show debut this century. Also, the show had the highest ratings for a new series for the fall season. So, is Supergirl worth the hype? We say hell yes! Here are 11 reasons why Supergirl is the kickass femme fatale we’ve been waiting for.

1. Kara can do EVERYTHING her cousin Superman can do.


After all Kara Zor-el didn’t travel 2,000 light years just to be an assistant!

2. Her theme song is legendary.

Any good superhero needs an epic theme song and what’s better than being a “Bad Mama Jama?!”

3. Calista Flockhart kills is as Supergirl’s CEO boss Kat Grant.


She’s basically TV’s Miranda Priestly after delivering this iconic line, “If you can’t take credit when you do something well, then you will be at the bottom of the pile forever.” SLAYYY Ms. Grant!!

4. Kara knows when to put her foot down!



Seriously, the first outfit was utterly absurd.
5. Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist knows how to shut down filthy old men.

GROSS Jed Bush.

6. Mehcad Brooks is on the show!


Yum! Talk about man candy!! If a badass lady superhero isn’t enough to get you excited about the show then surely, Mechad Brooks’ presence is.

7. Did we mention that Supergirl is bullet proof?


She’s gonna walk through like a wrecking ball.

8. Let’s not even get into her super strength or her other numerous powers.


She could be our BFF!

9. Kara’s not afraid to call her big sis for fashion advice.



10. Plus she can do this!


Are you obsessed yet?

11. In fact, Supergirl can do anything that she sets her mind to.


Which is essentially all we need from a superhero.

Still don’t believe us? Check out the full length trailer for this upcoming season of Supergirl below.