7 Reasons We Will Always Ship Regina and Robin on ‘Once Upon A Time’

Every couple on Once Upon a Time is trying to find their happily-ever-after. However, one of the best pairs on the show include an ex-convict and a former evil mayor. What’s not to love? Here are a few reasons why Regina Mills and Robin Hood’s romance will always be–quite literally–one for the storybooks.

1. Robin and Regina are (literally) destined soul mates:


It’s not everyday that Tinker Bell brings you to a pub and points out that the man with a lion tattoo is your prophesied soul mate. Though Regina doesn’t approach her true love at the bar (because really, that’s such a gritty place for a ‘Hi, you’re my soul mate’ type introduction), destiny finds her a few episodes later when she meets Robin Hood and recognizes that tat. The rest is history.

2. Regina deserves a second shot at true love.


Regina’s journey over the past five seasons has been a transformation from ruthless evil queen to pretty decent human being. Though she didn’t get much sympathy from us in the first season (with cursing everyone and being evil and whatnot), we kind of hoped she’d find someone who could make her happy. Regina has been pretty good lately about not killing/cursing people, so we’re really hoping that this chance at happiness works out.

3. The “Hoods” would be the cutest family in Storybrook.


Both are single parents, so the idea of these two ex-felons getting hitched and raising their children together is kind of fabulous. If they can’t use magic to teleport to a castle or something, they could always get married in Granny’s Diner!

4. They could continue the crazy family tree.


While we’re on the subject of families, who ISN’T related in Storybrook? Considering Regina’s adopted son is the biological son of the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who are all distantly related to almost every other character imaginable…initiating Robin Hood into the fairy tale family, only seems right. Seeing as he’s a fairy tale character and all.

5. They’re the steamiest couple on OUAT.


These two certainly aren’t the prim and proper Snow and Charming. They’ve got a LOT of passion.

6. They’re cute in all timelines.


While that evil queen getup isn’t exactly our choice of attire, it’s nice to see Regina trade in her RBF (resting bitch face) for a smile, even when dressed as a dubious dictator. OUAT is the mothership of alternate universes, and in each universe we visit, these two seem to be a cute pair.

7. They bring out the best in each other.


Part of the reason we’ve seen Regina come so far is no doubt her newly found love for Robin. The same can be said for the former thief who recently lost his wife (RIP Maid Marian). Both had pretty rough pasts and are learning to be better people because of the other, which is pretty real stuff for being fairy tale residents of a fantasy town in Maine. That’s why we’ll always ship Team Outlaw Queen.