8 Reasons Why TV Land’s ‘Younger’ Is A Hidden Gem

Younger has a simple plot: A 40 year old mom decides to revamp her career by posing as a hip 26 year old. Add a bit of Sutton Foster‘s comedic genius, a splash of scandal in the form of a hot love interest, a pinch of sass from Hilary Duff, and a dash of witty writing from the creator of Sex and the City and you’ve got a gem.

TV Land‘s witty comedic drama may have been swept under the rug in terms of popularity, but it’s still worth playing catch-up before the second season’s premiere in January. Here are just a few reasons why Younger is a binge-worthy guilty pleasure.

1. Sutton Foster is the poster child of being awkward.


The Tony Award-winning actress has been in a few television roles (namely ABC’s short-lived Bunheads) and has a knack for playing scrappy, quirky, slightly awkward characters; something that’s sorely lacking in TV shows that aren’t strictly sitcoms. While she might seem like a B-grade Lorelai Gilmore at first, Sutton brings the perfect balance of wit and awkwardness, making her character Liza a refreshing female lead.

2. It gives an old story a new twist.


The whole get-a-makeover-from-your-gay-roommate thing is a little worn (not to mention a ridiculous stereotype), but Younger still manages to keep things fresh. The story follows a mom whose been out of the professional world for decades raising her daughter, but wants to break back into the publishing industry. When she’s faced with rejections due to companies looking for marketable young people, Liza is faced with only one solution: to hide her true identity and become a fashionable 26 year old via a makeover from her lesbian roomie. Clearly.

3. Hilary Duff. Duh.


Whose inner 13-year-old heart wouldn’t leap with joy at the fact that Lizzie McGuire is back on TV? It’s not exactly the same, but Hilary Duff’s role as Liza’s sassy, trendy co-worker/new BFF is still a reason to watch this show.

4. The hunky love interest.


For someone whose accidentally dating someone 14 years older, Josh (played by actor and model Nico Tortorella) is sure a sight for sore eyes. No complaints here. His character also brings some steamy scandal into the show. It’s boring to hide your true identity from just co-workers, so 26 year old tattooed bad boy Josh makes things outside of work a little complicated.

5. Fabulous fashion (a la SATC creators).


You can’t have a show by Darren Star, creators of Sex and the City, and not have great fashion. Inevitably, Liza’s publishing company is a glamorous New York City loft full of trendy bookworms. Also, though she’s truly forty, so she can afford a way better closet than most of us.

6. Hello Sex and the City/Gilmore Girls hybrid!


Though this show is not as quality as the two legendary girl-power TV masterpieces mentioned above, it keeps SATC‘s New York City glamour, jealousy-­inducing fashion, and steamy romance scenes up to par. It’s also peppered with pop culture references and lots of fast talking. Stars Hollow residents would be proud.

7.  There’s never a dull moment.


The short first season has 12 episodes, making this the perfect binge-worthy time-waster. Because when parading around at work and in your personal life as someone 14 years younger, what couldn’t go wrong?

8. Younger does the “Stellar Cliff-Hanger Finale” justice.


No spoilers here…but you’ll be itching for season two to get here ASAP!