21 Reasons We Miss “Friday Night Lights”

Friday Night Lights introduced the world to Taylor Kitsch and for that we are eternally grateful. But it also gave us so much more. The fantastic characters and realistic performances made it a show that went beyond high school football. It has since claimed its well-earned spot as one of the best shows ever to grace our TV screens. Even though FNL lasted for five seasons, we’re still not over it. 

1. Tami and Eric Taylor’s relationship.


Easily one of the best married couples to ever be portrayed on TV.

2. General Tim Riggins debauchery.


Including, but not limited to, the day drinking, the affair with his best friend’s girl and that time he screwed the single mom who lived next door. Riggins, we wouldn’t have you any other way.

3. Tim Riggins’ unwavering Texas pride. 


Pretty convinced no one loved Texas as much as Riggins.

4. The cockiness of Smash Williams.


He was so full of himself, and we ate it up.

5. Tami Taylor’s magical hair.


Ok, technically it’s Connie Britton‘s magical hair, and we can still see it on Nashville, but we miss how perfect Tami always looked. 

6. Every time Coach Taylor went into over-protective dad mode.


7. And on a related note, the fact that Kyle Chandler was a total DILF.


8. Matt Saracen’s emotional scenes.


Remember the petition to get Zach Gilford an Emmy nomination? Still bummed that nomination never happened.

9. Matt’s grandma.


We loved Grandma Saracen. And we loved how Matt took care of her. 

10. How annoying Julie was. 


Yes, that’s how much we miss FNL. We even miss Julie’s whining.

11. The football games.


Even if you weren’t a football fan, these scenes were still exciting to watch.

12. Tim and Jason Street’s friendship.


That episode when they go to New York. Bromance at its best.

13. Landry’s wise words of advice.


We miss when Jesse Plemons was sweet, funny Landry. It helps us block out creepy Todd, his character on Breaking Bad.

14. The fact that FNL introduced a whole new set of characters in season four, and we ended up loving them just as much as the old ones.


Hell yes, Michael B. Jordan. Go Lions!

15. Buddy Garrity. ‘Nuff said.


World’s biggest football fan, and world’s most obnoxious car salesman/human being. We loved watching him annoy everybody.

16. Coach’s inspiring pep talks.


We don’t even play football, yet we were ready to grab a helmet and get out on the field after one of these speeches.

17. The way Tim looked at Lyla.



18. Whenever Lyla actually lightened up.


And any scene involving Mindy Collette.

19. Landry and Tyra’s relationship.


We loved how this unexpected romance blossomed. (We’ll just pretend that murder storyline from season two never happened, shall we?)

20. That feeling of victory.


Rooting for the characters and then seeing them succeed was the best feeling ever.

21. The utterance of this phrase.


Never forget.