10 Reasons We Will Miss ‘The Mindy Project’

Last week, the sad news broke that The Mindy Project is getting the axe from FOX. I guess we’ll never know how Mindy deals with motherhood. The show wasn’t perfect, but it definitely had its moments that made us laugh and cry . To properly mourn, here are 10 reasons will miss Mindy Kahling’s show and all of its characters.

1. She shamelessly says things we all want to say.


2. It had awesome guest stars.


3. When she was single and dating, she totally got our struggles.


4. Beverly was wacky, but sometimes her comments were spot on.


5. Diamond Danny will forever have our heart.

foxtv: Whoa Nelly!FOX/Tumblr

6. We’ll love Morgan’s reactions to animals.


7. We love that the show had a beautiful Indian female lead.

quirksandisms: preach!FOX/Tumblr

8. We love Mindy and Peter’s “serious” discussions.


9. We will forever ship Tamra and Morgan.


10. But most of all:

jsmapdi: There ain’t no cure for that!FOX/Tumblr

Are you like us and holding out hope that Hulu will pick The Mindy Project up as a series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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