5 Reasons Why Felicity Smoak Can’t Be Dead on ‘Arrow’

OBVIOUS season 4 Arrow spoilers ahead! Ever since the fourth season premiere, Arrow fans have been wondering who is in the grave during the flash forward scene at the end of the episode. The recent mid-season finale makes many think Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) beloved Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) will meet her end after getting shot by Damian Darhk’s ghosts. However, several pieces of evidence refute that idea. Here are five reasons why Felicity Smoak is not dead nor will she die anytime soon.

Felicity Smoak dead

1. Oliver visited the grave six months after the fourth season premiere

Arrow could be operating under a slightly different timeline but six months after the fourth season premiere would place our real world timeline in April 2016. This doesn’t necessarily keep Felicity safe forever but we can possibly guarantee she will be safe from her bullet wounds.

2. Emily Bett Rickards’s IMDB page has her credited for several episodes in 2016

This and the fact that Rickards posted the below photo on Instagram along with several animal emojis and various Arrow cast members tagged, proves Felicity is not going anywhere. But what do the emojis mean? There’s likely some conspiracy theorist out there who is trying to analyze this right now.

Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow

3. The “it’s Oliver’s son in the grave” theory

The site of the grave is very mysterious to begin with. Why isn’t the rest of Team Arrow there to comfort Oliver during this difficult time? Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is the only person to actually come to Oliver’s aid and he even missed the funeral. If Felicity died, wouldn’t Barry have attended the funeral of his former love? And wouldn’t he have had stronger feelings about it?

As of now, Barry is the only one who knows Oliver has a son. It would make sense if he was the one to comfort Oliver. Additionally, the mid-season finale also revealed that Darhk had a family of his own. Wouldn’t it be a dark twist if Oliver tried to get his revenge by going after Darhk’s family?

4. The “Oracle” theory

In reply to a question on his Tumblr blog, showrunner Marc Guggenheim shared Felicity will get a code name in episode 4.11 and the name will have an “A” in it. Many fans have speculated she will take on the mantle of Oracle, a popular DC Comics character. For those unaware, in Alan Moore’s graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke, the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl and leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. Barbara then took on the role of Oracle, a wheel-chair bound computer expert and tech genius, in Suicide Squad No. 23. 

Since Felicity is already a computer expert, it only seems natural for her wounds to leave her paralyzed and take on the role of Oracle. But why would Team Arrow only give her a code name once she’s in a wheelchair? This makes it seem a little disrespectful and makes giving Felicity a nickname a “pity me” aspect. However, the Oracle also teams up with Black Canary, Huntress and other popular DC female superheroes in the Birds of Prey comic series. Could this be another attempt at making a spinoff series? Please say yes!

Either way, this potential for new and exciting storylines shows Felicity is not going to die anytime soon.

5. She’s too much of a fan favorite

With the show’s typically dark tone, Felicity has always been the comic relief. Her humorous lines of dialogue provide a neat contrast to the broody atmosphere of Star City and gives fans someone to relate to. Additionally, her relationship with Oliver is one of the best couples on TV and alienating fans by killing her off could potentially hurt the show.

Felicity Smoak

What do you think? Is Felicity Smoak in the grave?