Remote Control: What To Watch on Nov. 21

2 Broke Girls THanksgiving ChristmasMonday, Nov. 21

Top Tier

How I Met Your Mother

8 p.m. on CBS

“The Rebound Girl”

It’s all about big decisions on tonight’s HIMYM. Ted and Barney take a big step and Robin tries her darndest to keep Lily and Marshall from moving to Long Island. Don’t move to Long Island, Lily! You’ll end up like this!

Bored to Death

9 p.m. on HBO

“Forget the Herring”

Bored to Death gets a guest star in the form of Isla Fischer. And Ray and George try to make up for their wrongs. Ray and George trying things? Together? Awesome. Also, Jonathan trying to deal with the likes of Miss Fischer? That’s going to be great.

Dancing With The Stars

8 p.m. on ABC

The Finals

It’s down to three couples and tonight they’ll each dance their last dances – two each with one freestyle – before the mirror ball finds its new owner. My money is on – and I cringe at my own thoughts – Rob Kardashian. Though our resident DWTS expert has her money on Ricki Lake, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

2 Broke Girls

8:30 p.m. on CBS

“A Very Merry Christmas Thanksgiving”

2 Broke Girls is still in time-out until they give Han a real character instead of “degrading asian stereotype,” but the thought of Kat Dennings dressed up as a cantankerous Mrs. Clause is too much of a draw for me to ignore it. (Max and Caroline take extra work as worker’s in a department store’s little North Pole getaway to boost income for their cupcake business.)


Terra Nova

8:00 p.m. on Fox


I keep hoping Terra Nova will get better, and this episode is just another opportunity for folks like me. On the menu this week: stale murder cases and a Sixer infiltrator. Hmm, that doesn’t sound as promising as it should.

Hawaii Five-0

10 p.m. on CBS

“Ki’ilua (Deceiver)”

McGarrett somehow goes to North Korea (I’m guessing some major sneaking is involved since they don’t tend to let Americans in), but hey, JIMMY BUFFET is a guest star. Plus, he plays an old buddy of Terry O’Quinn’s character. Okay, CBS, we’re listening.