18 Times ‘Revenge’ Was Completely Bonkers

Revenge is a dish best served…completely insane. The ABC prime time soap starring Emily Van Camp has only gotten crazier since it premiered in 2011 and we’re still along for the bumpy ride. Mostly we just want to see who Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) b*tch slaps next.

1. When Tyler turned out to be a psycho.


Remember Tyler from season one? He crashes Daniel’s birthday party, threatens Emily with a gun, and ends up getting killed by Emily’s sensei, Takeda. Yep, that’s all real.

2. When a pregnant Amanda falls off the balcony. 


We’re just amazed she survived this.

3. When Sammy the dog died and Jack lost it.


The dude cried harder over Sammy than he did when his own father died!

4. When Lydia fell off a building…and survived.


One word: HOW?!

5. When we thought Victoria’s plane blew up.


Of course she was actually alive and well. Victoria ain’t goin’ down like that.

6. When Amanda died.


R.I.P Faux-manda.

7. When Declan died.


He was the most pointless character ever, but still.

8. When Daniel became CEO of Grayson Global.


Making Daniel the head of anything is just laughable.

9. When Jack found out Emily is the real Amanda.


He was just about to assassinate Conrad, too!

10. When Daniel shot Emily.


Her subsequent amnesia was pretty outrageous, too.

11. When Victoria killed Aiden.


She gave him a paralyzing drug so she could smother him to death. Poor Aiden.

12. When Conrad killed Pascal.


He pushed the dude into a HELICOPTER PROPELLER. How’s that for dramatic?

14. When David Clarke killed Conrad.


To be fair, Conrad had it coming. 

15. When Victoria gets committed to a mental institution.


B*tch may be crazy, but she’s not clinically insane.

16. When Victoria broke out of said institution – in style.


As only Victoria could do…

17. When Emily told David she’s his daughter.


So many emotions…from her. David was basically a robot who failed to recognize his own daughter.

18. When Victoria gets struck by lightning. 


Ok so technically a power line get struck by lightning and electrifies her car. But this is still bonkers.

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