The Rewind Button – ‘Full House’

If you grew up in the ’90s, you probably spent a half hour each Friday night with your favorite TV family – the Tanners. They were like any normal family, except for the fact that they rarely fought, lived in a tony section of San Francisco, and had John Stamos as their uncle. Now without further ado, let’s hit the rewind button and revisit this timeless symbol of Clinton-era optimism, Full House.

Full House

Every Kid Wanted a Dad like Danny Tanner
He was tall, affable, and impeccably groomed. He also liked to clean… a lot! But aside from having good manners and a Trebek-like affinity for enunciation, Danny Tanner was also an all around good dude. Pre-pubescent girls wanted to be driven to school by him, and young boys wanted to play catch with him. Danny Tanner was the All-American dad, which is strange seeing that the actor who played him, Bob Saget, was known for his foul-mouthed comedy act. Saget later lampooned his family-friendly image by playing an X-rated version of himself on HBO’s Entourage.

Rebecca Donaldson Was a Babe
She was Danny Tanner’s co-anchor on Wake Up San Francisco  and the G-rated fantasy of countless teenage boys. Put it this way, in the pre-Internet era, when Super Mario Bros. was still considered cutting edge technology, Becky Donaldson was about as good as it got. Too bad Uncle Jesse snagged her first!

How Annoying Was Kimmy Gibbler?
Whenever the Tanners’ air-headed next door neighbor popped up on the screen (she was a recurring character throughout Full House’s  eight season run) you could not help but cringe. Not only was Kimmy incredibly annoying, but her awful-smelling feet were one of the reasons Danny despised her. And any enemy of Danny Tanner was an enemy of America. Perhaps that’s why the actress that played Gibbler (Andrea Barber) gave up acting to become a housewife. She had it coming!

Hey, Cut It Out
It’s weird for any family to shack up in the same pad as their freewheeling bachelor uncle (unless something illegal is happening), yet the Tanners lived with not one, but two of ’em! There was the handsome, Elvis-loving Uncle Jesse, and his dorky-but-loveable counterpart, Joey Gladstone. That latter was played by Dave Coulier, who would later achieve infamy as the impetus for Alanis Morissette’s acidic I-hate-men-anthem, “You Oughta Know.” Who knew Uncle Joey could be such a douche?

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