Ricky Gervais Brings Us Into His Game Show ‘Child Support’


Nowadays to get a quiz show to work it needs to have something special.

You can’t just ask a question. Shows like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” have options like lifelines, “Who is the Weakest Link” has the option to eliminate other people. Ricky Gervais‘s new show has one of these, and it’s quite different. Host Fred Savage will ask contestants a series of questions. If they get it wrong they aren’t done yet. They go to Ricky in a room with 5 children ages 8-10. The kids haven’t been prepped with the answer, but if they know it the contestant is saved for the next round. Contestants can be saved multiple amount of times, and more importantly, the questions are kid friendly so families can play along.

In the above interview, Fred Savage dives into the entire process while Ricky Gervais explains why he took to the show so quickly, why he can’t wait for people to see the show, and why he thinks this show is more special than the other game shows.


‘Child Support’ premieres January 5, 2018, at 8 EST on ABC.

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