Rock Plans to End ‘Everybody Hates Chris’

Chris Rock is planning to end the TV show based on his early life after four seasons. 

Everybody Hates Chris hasn’t been picked up for a fifth season and the comedian plans to make it easy for bosses at the CW by ending the current season with a fitting finale.

Actor Terry Crews, who plays Rock’s dad in the series, says, “Chris Rock didn’t graduate high school and started comedy when he was, like, 17 years old. Our Chris (Tyler James Williams) is now a sophomore in high school, so the timing is lining up pretty well. Once he becomes a comedian, the show’s over.”

And Williams, who is currently pursuing a film course at New York University, admits he’s happy with the ending of the show, which is unofficially planned for May 8.

He tells TV Guide magazine, “An envelope arrives (with his high-school equivalency results), but before we find out the results, we fade to black. If it ends here, we ended it the right way.”

Rock agrees: “It might not be a bad way to go.”

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