Ryan Serhant Sells a James Bond Villain Penthouse in New Video

Ryan Serhant, Million Dollar Listing New York CityBravo

This season on Million Dollar Listing, Ryan Serhant has proved he will do anything to get the word out on his listings. The latest high-profile property he’s aiming to sell is a James Bond villain-style secret lair, complete with a car elevator (that’s an elevator to take your car up to the unit) and a huge indoor vault so you can hide your uranium, gold bullion, or nude selfies. What better way to get the word out than to take it to the Internet? You’ve heard of “It Gets Better” videos? Well, apparently this is that Something Better. Fans of the show have seen construction on this mega-apartment, and have watched Serhant pitch multiple helicopters, aerial shots, and a bit of a crackpot view of the film industry. Well, we have a new glimpse of the swanky listing here in all its glory before it gets its first proper showcasing on the program.

The video is a mysterious one: is it a commercial for a show? An apartment? Jewelry? Cars? Manhattan? Despite some confusion, it definitely sells luxury. Even though we see no sign of five helicopters or epic explosions, or Serhant for that matter, the video does offer some great visuals, and totally sells the appeal of striking it filthy rich and moving to New York City… if that’s possible.