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12 Reasons Why Sally Draper is the Real Star of “Mad Men”

Little Sally Draper, my how you’ve grown. Don and Betty’s eldest daughter has certainly blossomed over Mad Men’s seven seasons, and though she’s been through her ups and downs (we blame her self-involved parents), she’s easily turned into one of the most riveting and well-adjusted characters on the show. Not to mention a bonafide fashion plate, just like the actress who plays her, Kiernan Shipka. Have you seen the latest promo photos?Here’s to Sally Draper for making the best out of a truly mad home life.


1. She kept her cool while driving a car way underage.


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2. She had no problem getting sassy with Roger.


3. She doesn’t take crap.


4. She says what we’re all thinking about Don sometimes.


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5. She’s brutally honest.


6. She has good taste in books.


7. She doesn’t have time for your drama.


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8. She’s like a mini Betty, but, you know, better.


9. She don’t fool with stuck-up b*tches.


10. She’s started to realize just how messed up her dad is.


 11. She knows looks are fleeting – and she knows how to deliver sweet burns to Betty.


12. She’s complicated.


But that’s how we like ’em on Mad Men.

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