‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: Fast Forwarding With Vince Vaughn


If someone tells you they watch Saturday Night Live on Saturday night they are lying. If someone tells you they watch the entire episode and not feel like fast-forwarding through one or two (or all) of the sketches they are also lying. That is why my SNL viewing should take place on Sunday morning, where you can easily jump over the boring, painful bits. Plus, if you think it’s enjoyable to sit through the same car commercial 7 times you are also so very, very wrong. Instead of reviewing all the sketches on Vince Vaughn’s return to SNL, I break it down by what point I bailed on each sketch and why. Do you agree with where I gave up? Let us know in the comments below! 

Gun Control Cold Open: 3 minutes.
When I Bailed: When Papa John’s Pizza became the focus of the discussion. I’m afraid it was too close to the truth to actually be funny.
Times I Laughed: 1

Vince Vaughn Audience Monologue: 4 minutes.
When I Bailed: When Vaughn decided he was hosting the Maury show.
Times I Laughed: 1

Al Pacino Biopics: 1 minute.
When I Bailed: After the amazing Amanda Knox impression. Nothing could have topped that.
Times I Laughed: 2

The Weather Channel: 2 minutes
When I Bailed: Not long after ‘Stormy Skies” bumpy open. The corny soap opera for The Weather Channel would have been better if everyone just shouted out absurd headlines for moderate weather. I don’t care about the precipitation in your pants, unless you’re actually going to show us.
Times I Laughed: 1

History of Punk: The whole thing! 4 minutes 30 seconds.
When I Bailed: I didn’t! This wasn’t funny at all, but since it resembled VH1’s entire TV lineup, I couldn’t turn away.
Times I Laughed: 0

Short Term Memory Loss Theater: 30 seconds.
When I Bailed: When I realized this sketch wasn’t only unfunny, but it actually put me to sleep in 30 seconds.
Times I Laughed: 0

Weekend Update: 5 minutes
When I Bailed: When Seth Myers started talking about the Cookie Monster. I did however stick around for the full ‘Accidental Racist’ sketch. Although it wasn’t exactly original (they literally had Keenan Thompson quote LL Cool J’s most recent interview at one point), it was necessary and still funny. Because when you have a song like ‘Accidental Racist’ and LL actually saying “It wasn’t perfect,” you barely have to say anything at all.
Times I Laughed: 3

Junior Prom: The whole thing! 4 minutes 30 seconds.
When I Bailed: Was probably a mistake, but I didn’t! I’m a sucker for the prom, so I had hope. But things got weird when Vaughn removed his Liz Claiborne outer coat to snap dance with a boy with a half-mullet. Then, with a boy wearing an electric red cummerbund. It sounds funny, but it wasn’t. 
Times I Laughed: 1

Roundball Rock: 2 minutes.
When I Bailed: After the second rendition of “Basketball” when I felt a migraine coming on.
Times I Laughed: 0

Last Call: 2 minutes.
When I Bailed: After “blended genitals” was uttered.
Times I Laughed: 1 (and it had to do with bar hair)

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