‘Scandal’ Cast And Creators Discuss Making It To Episode 100


100 Episodes is a milestone for any show.

When a creator makes a show it can be daunting. First, a network has to like it enough to order more episodes. Then people have to watch the show enough to get picked up for another season. Many shows can’t even do that, but to constantly get picked up, again and again, is a testament to how good a show is. ‘Scandal’ is now in its 6th season and have reached an absolute milestone of Episode 100.

In the above interview, the stars and creators discuss how ‘Scandal’ has changed their lives for the better. Show creator Shonda Rhimes, Executive Producer Betsy Beers and the cast including Kerry WashingtonTony GoldwynJoshua MalinaScott FoleyGuillermo Diaz and more talk about the beginning of the series all the way up to now.


This episode seems like it’s going to be one of the craziest episodes so far. In teasers, it seems like we go back to the beginning, where Olivia Pope (Washington) will relive her life if she had decided not to rig the election so many years ago. Imagine, going back to the biggest decision of your life and seeing how your life would turn out had you gone the other way. It sounds like it will be one of the most interesting episodes, and fit for Episode 100.


Scandal Season 6, Episode 10, (Episode 100) appropriately titled ” The Decision” airs Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 9 PM on ABC.