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8 Moments on ‘Difficult People’ That Are Scarily Relatable

Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner are our new BFFs. They’re the stars of the new Hulu comedy Difficult People and they captured our hearts from the very first irreverent joke and obscure pop culture reference. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Billy and Julie are a couple of besties trying to become famous in New York City. They may be “difficult,” but we can totally relate. Here are some moments that had us screaming “Yasssss!”.

1. When you write an amazingly scathing tweet about True Detective season 2:


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2. When you’re forced to sit through an occasion you don’t care about:



3. When you find out someone you know likes to…participate. *shudder*:



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4. When talking about celebrities is the only thing that can cheer you up:




5. When you want to say crazy things, but don’t want a confrontation:

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6. When you have to deal with kids in a public setting:




7. When someone tells you their child has an unconventional name:




 8. When your family’s being annoying:




Do you relate to Difficult People? Tell us your favorite moments!

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