SDCC 2011: Showtime’s ‘Dexter,’ ‘Homeland’ & ‘Shameless’ Panel


dexterShowtime certainly knows how to put on a show seeing as how they brought two of their biggest and wildest shows — Dexter and Shameless — and one of their newest shows — Homeland — to San Diego to tear up the Convention. Who better to celebrate the Southern California weather than with a serial killer’s serial killer and the most dysfunction family you’ll ever meet? Exactly.

Showtime trotted out Michael C. Hall, C.S. Lee, David Zayas, and guest star Colin Hanks to talk Dexter and deliver a sneak peak at the new season while Shameless saw William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, and executive producer John Wells. The new series Homeland’s panel had Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin, and Comic Con favorite Morena Baccarin.

First off was Shameless. Here are the need-to-know notes from the panel:

WHM himself comes on, looking EXACTLY like Frank. Showing some great clips from Season 1. (via Screenrant)

How he prepared for the role: “I started drinking in August…what was the question again?” – William H. Macy (via E Online)

“The road to Steve and Fiona being together will not be an easy one.” – writer John Wells (via E Online)

“Fiona’s very much in love with Steve, but there’s not just one guy to fill in the gap when you leave. So there’s James Wolk, but she’ll be trying to figure out who she is, so there will definitely be some boys.” Emmy Rossum (via Screenrant)

“As my wife says, the only way to get over someone is to get under someone.” William H. Macy (via Screenrant)

When asked about kissing Amy Smart, Emmy Rossum says: “It’s not full on tongue” & John Wells says: “Who doesn’t want to kiss Emmy?” (via SHO_Shameless)

Amy Smart will be back on Shameless next season. Also, I’m fairly certain Bill H. Macy is actually drunk. No judgment from my end. (via E Online)

When asked about Season 2, John Wells says: “We are shooting in Chicago in August… gives show a different flavor.” (via SHO_Shameless)

“Are we going to see more of the direction that Lip and Ian are going in?” “We’re going to explore that in season 2. Lip is saying, why should I go when all my friends are here? Why should i use my abilities?” (via Screenrant)

“I’m so tired of answering this question. It’s so inane that it’s such a big thing.” – Emmy on the nudity query. (via HitFixDaniel)

On Lip & Ian John Wells says: “Lip can get out but not sure where he wants to go… Ian wants to get out but doesn’t have the skills” (via SHO_Shameless)

“It’s so shockingly unglamorous what we do. It looks like a high-wire act on the screen, but when you actually do it it’s very mundane.” William H. Macy (via Screenrant)

John Wells says that Carl is modeled after his 10-year-old son Jack who broke four windows in one day. (via SHO_Shameless)

On Season 2: “A lot of loose ends to tie up & a lot of things beginning. Fiona is going to have to make decisions…” -John Wells (via SHO_Shameless)

Cast are in the middle of shooting the 2nd episode. Director is heading back to LA to continue shooting TONIGHT. (via E Online)

We made it through the entire “Shameless” panel without a single “Dragonball Z” query. (via HitFixDaniel)

Next up was Homeland. Here are the need-to-know notes from the panel:

EXCITING NEWS! Dexter Season Premiere – October 2, 2011 – followed by the series premiere of Homeland! (via sho_dexter)

Surprise! Morena Baccarin in the house (via E Online)

As Claire Danes is not here for the “Homeland” panel, I assume she’s off receiving an award for “Temple Grandin.” (via HitFixDaniel)

So looking forward to the return of secretly british Damian Lewis to TV. (via E Online)

Homeland seems like it shares great similarities with Stop Loss/Hurt Locker in terms of dealing with soldiers’ PTSD and readjustment. (via LauinLA)

Last but not least was Dexter. Here are the need-to-know notes from the panel:

New Facebook Game for Dexter. “Slice of life” -you will watch an episode and then get to play the next day as Dexter himself. (via dhubs1)

Time to watch the first trailer for the new season of “Dexter.” We start with Dexter getting ready to do his Dexter thing to a religious fundamentalist. Cut to “Person Jesus” as an always-awesome music cue. Brief glimpse of Edward James Olmos. Brief glimpse of Mos Def. Brief glimpse of Colin Hanks. Not sure I got much of a feeling for the season. But it was still creepy. (via HitFixDaniel)

VERY dark. Very spiritual. We just barely get to see Michael C. Hall. (via Screenrant)

Colin Hanks (Travis Marshall) plays coy: I can neither confirm nor deny any involvement on the Dexter program. (via E Online)

“Dexter has to deal with his son becoming a little boy. he needs guidance, and Dexter is ill-equipped for that… he’s looking into spiritual guidance, because he thinks Harrison may need that.” Michael C. Hall (via Screenrant)

The Lumen story is something that allowed Dexter to atone for the responsibility of Rita’s death. He’s been through that, he’s processed it in his own way. We pick up a year later, and he’s unplugged form that experience. he’s back to his killing ways.” Michael C. Hall (via Screenrant)

Producer Sara Colleton says that part of this season’s journey for “Dexter” and Dexter involves our anti-hero’s attempts to define faith. “It’s done in true ‘Dexter’ style, so it’s a lot of fun and it’s through is prism,” Colleton says. (via HitFixDaniel)

“Will any of the other books be put into a new season?” “Jeff Lindsey created an amazing original character. We took the first book with his backstory and evolved our own Dexter. Now we don’t even read the books.” Nice. (via Screenrant)

Dexter will be concerned that Harrison will inherit certain traits. Which we knew. Or maybe I’m just confusing it with the Arlene’s Devil Baby subplot on “True Blood” this season. (via HitFixDaniel)

“Deb is very smart, but Dexter is smarter”–new showrunner Scott Buck re his sister finding out he’s a killer. (via E Online)

When asked which season has been his favorite C.S. Lee says: “Yet to come because Masuka and Deborah have yet to get married!” (via sho_dexter)

“Fortunately, we’ve achieved a certain amount of cache with the show,” says Scott Buck of attracting guest stars. (via HitFixDaniel)

Mos Def is asking an audience question! “I was wondering if you would mind if I could come up there with you guys.” Mos Def coming on stage for questions. nicely done, guys. (via Screenrant)

What can Mos tell us about his character, Brother Sam? “I could, but then Dexter would kill me.” (via HitFixDaniel)

“Has there been any thought as to how you might resolve Dexter’s journey?” “We have yet to come to that time when we have to pin it down, but eventually the end will come. Everything has to end.” Michael C. Hall (via Screenrant)

Will there be a “Dexter”/”Burn Notice” crossover? No. (via HitFixDaniel)

I think Mos Def is asleep now. (via Screenrant)

Would Lee be interested in Matsuka having a romantic relationship? “Well, according to Matsuka, his ways are romantic,” Lee says. An impressive number of questions for C.S. Lee. But nobody has asked him if he’s going to return to “Chuck” for its final season. (via HitFixDaniel)

“Masuka has some interns this year… women &men… go to Dexter Facebook this season to be intern of the week.” -C.S. Lee (via sho_dexter)

Astor and Cody don’t come back in Season 6, but they’re still an important part of Dexter’s life. We may see them farther down the line. (via Screenrant)

Yes, Trinity killed Rita. Apparently some people thought there was ambiguity there. (via HitFixDaniel)

“There’s a moment in Season 5 where Dexter, without thinking, tells Astor that he loves her. That’s a big moment for the character.” Michael C. Hall (via Screenrant)

Michael C. Hall on baby Harrison actors: “They’re all over the place now but they’re going to be brilliant at some point” (via E Online)

“How’d I get on this job? I practice voodoo.” -Def (via Screenrant)

Wild? You’d better believe it. But what else would you expect from Showtime?