See All The Best Moments From The 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards

MTV decided to change things up for this year’s movie awards. For one, The award show would cover everything from Movie and TV (even streaming platforms, which won big).


Opening the show was host Adam DeVine and he started it off with a  parody to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that was absolutely on fire.


The first clip was one award that almost stole the entire show. Hugh Jackman and new actress Dafne Keen won the award for best Duo in Logan, and Dafne was pretty excited to speak finally.


Best Franchise went to the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise and accepting the award was none other than Vin Diesel. Must like the films, Vin couldn’t do it without the family, so he invited them all on stage to thank everyone.


MTV decided to do away with the male and female categories this year, so it was even tougher to win. Winning Best Actor in a Show was the 11 of ‘Stranger Things’, the very talented and touching Millie Bobby Brown.


‘Stranger Things’ wouldn’t end there, the show also won Best TV Show. Seeing all of those kids on stage made me excited for the upcoming season.


Movie of the Year went to the incredibly big Disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Where Josh Gad and Emma Watson went up to accept the award, but then invited Director Bill Condon to speak on stage.


The most memorable moment of the night went to Emma Watson when she won the best Actor in a Film. This was the first year that MTV got rid of the Actor and Actress category, and Emma was ecstatic to prove that a woman could make it, and thanked the network for taking out the genders.