See Anthony Anderson Surprise His Mama On ‘The Talk’


When a single mother has a child young, certain dreams are put on the side for awhile.

It’s a thing of life, and most mothers would probably say they’d do it again for their child. Anthony Anderson‘s mom, “Mama” Dorris Bowman was one of those parents. She wanted to be an actor, but when she got pregnant with Anthony, those dreams went out the window. Anthony has been doing rather well for himself, being the lead actor on hit comedy ‘Black-ish’ as well as hosting the game show, ‘To Tell The Truth’, which he brought along Mama to be the score keeper.

In this clip from The Talk, Anderson tells the ladies what it’s like working with his mom, what it’s like to fill her dreams, how much this stardom has gone to her head, the new men in her life, and then has a little surprise for his mom and Drunk Bobbie (who I can’t wait to meet).


To Tell The Truth airs Sunday’s at 8 EST, Black-ish airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 both on ABC.