See What Ben From ‘Supernatural’ Looks Like Now!

It’s been almost 5 years since we last saw Ben, and his mom Lisa, on Supernatural. The mere mention of Ben and Lisa makes any Supernatural fan a bit emotional.

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The last time we saw Ben was in the season 6 episode “Let It Bleed”, when he and Lisa are kidnapped as an attempt to lure Dean in. Lisa is possessed by a demon and almost dies, which leaves Ben angry with Dean while in the hospital. Being a man with little knowledge on how to handle emotions, Dean decides to do the mother and son a favor and erase himself from their memories. It was heartbreaking then and five seasons later, it’s still pretty heartbreaking. So what on earth has Ben (Nicholas Elia) been up to since then?

Flip to see Nicholas Elia now:


Nicholas turns 19 this year! It’s crazy to think that baby-faced Ben is all grown up now. He’s acted a little over the years, in Eureka and Mr. Young. His most recent acting credit is from 2014 TV movie The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story. Ben might not be returning to Supernatural anytime soon, but he hasn’t left the fandom:


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