See Why There Is A ‘Candy Crush’ Show In Clips

Candy Crush is a phone game that has people addicted. The app reportedly makes about 633 thousand a day and is the highest grossing app in the Apple’s App Store. There are 132 million monthly users and it’s hard to tell what could stop it. Now the app is going to be aired on tv for some reason.


In the above video, host Mario Lopez dives into what exactly is going on in the show. This game uses the board in ways that people can’t with their phone. Bungee jumping, walking on the board, flying above the board will all be stipulations the contestants will have to face.


In this video, you can see what they’re talking about. Contestants from Survivor are above the board and using a pole have to swipe to get the candies while his partner moves them around the board.


Check out Candy Crush when it premieres Sunday, July 9, 2017,  on CBS.