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Selena star Christian Serratos praised by singer’s brother for TV portrayal

The Walking Dead star Christian Serratos has been praised by Selena Quintanilla’s brother for her portrayal of his late sister in the Netflix series.

Selena: The Series tells the life story of the Mexican-American pop star – who was shot and killed in March 1995, shortly before her 24th birthday – and AB Quintanilla has now given the star his own seal of approval, explaining that watching her is like “watching my sister”.

He told TMZ: “If Selena could’ve seen this series, she would have been ecstatic and she would have been as happy as I am and our family is.”

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And the musician added the series is an accurate reflection of Selena’s life and he admitted Christian’s performance actually reminded him of his sister.

“As I’m watching Christian and that whole family, I’m kind of thinking I’m watching my sister.”

AB also urged TV viewers to ignore minor issues, like whether Christian bears a resemblance to the late pop star.

He said: “Jamie Foxx looks nothing like Ray Charles, Will Smith looks nothing like Muhammad Ali – the actor’s job is to make you create, you know what I’m saying?

“They’re embodying that person and they make you think and believe, ‘Wow, I’m watching that person.'”

Meanwhile, Christian recently admitted to feeling under pressure after accepting the role.

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The 30-year-old actress is a huge fan of the music star and was determined not to “let anyone down”.

She shared: “I still find it difficult to talk about. It’s so personal to me because I’m fully aware of how personal it is to all her fans.

“I feel this incredible sense of pressure, but good pressure, because if I needed any motivation to do my best in this role besides how much I love her, it’s because I don’t want to let anyone down. I know how deeply this woman resides in the hearts of so many.”

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