Seth Meyers Talks About Hosting the 2018 ‘Golden Globes’


Hosting anything can be nerve-wracking.

Hosting the Golden Globes can be a nightmare.

You’re in a room with not only the biggest and most important people on the big screen as well as tv, but the millions of people watching and judging you’re every move. This year Seth Meyers is the host and luckily he’s been there before. He’s hosted the Emmys before and in charge of his own late-night show, and now he’s ready to tackle the Golden Globes.

This year is a little bit different. This year he has to deal with a giant elephant in the room with more and more sexual harassment allegations coming forward. In the above interview, Seth discusses his prep for the show, writing, performing in front of famous people, and not shying clear of any topics and how to keep the show on the awards.


‘The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards’ airs Sunday, January 7, 2018, at 8 ET on NBC.

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