Should Jimmy/Steve Have Stayed Dead on ‘Shameless?’

Justin Chatwin, ShamelessShowtime

Shameless just brought what many critics are calling its most mature season full circle to a satisfying finale.

Satisfying in all ways but one, that is.

The show decided to resurrect Jimmy/Steve, long presumed dead since last year’s penultimate episode of the season. Of course, he died off screen, so the door was technically open for a stunt like this, but after a full season of episodes without even a whisper of him, his mysterious mid-credits return came as a major shock, and unfortunately, not in a good way.

Now, I have nothing against the concept of character resurrection (though it can get clumsy – see Buffy, The X-Files, etc). It’s just that the show was doing so well without him. Without Fiona and Jimmy/Steve’s on-again-off-again saga, we got to spend more time on other characters, such as fan-favorite Mickey Milkovich and new additions like Sammi. By taking the focus off of Fiona and Jimmy as the central couple, Shameless was able to earn its stripes as a true ensemble show  a shift that made the show even stronger, and gave it the legs to weather all kinds of new stories (such as a nearly Fiona-free episode… that would have been almost unthinkable early in the series).

And I hate to sound like I have sour grapes, but is Jimmy/Steve really someone worth bringing back? Sure, he’s got his boyish good looks and fancy stolen cars, but he’s also awfully whiny. And on a show overflowing with fascinating characters, do we really need to bring this lackluster one back from the dead?

I’m hoping for the best, but fearing for the worst. I’d hate to see Shameless regress after the amazing growth it made this season.

What do you think?