5 TV Shows That Should Have Ended By Now

Any devoted TV addict knows that there is only one thing worse than your favorite show getting cancelled: Your favorite show hitting a dead end and then getting renewed for another season. Even the most popular, highly-rated series’ fall victim to the curse of too-many-seasons. Here are five shows we’re hoping say goodbye before descending (further) into madness. 

1. The Walking Dead


TV’s most popular zombie-fest has been warding off walkers for six whole years! While The Walking Dead remains chalked full of epic action scenes, pivotal character development and super cool survival tactics (should we ever face a zombie apocalypse of our own), there’s only so much venturing through desolate society that we can bare. We’re still invested in Rick Grimes’ well-being and rooting for Team Glenn/Maggie/Baby, but the prospect of our weary wanderers stumbling across more enemies seems redundant. Plus, we’re itching to know how the show’s creators plan to wrap up the series. 

2. Once Upon a Time


A series about fantastical fairytale creatures battling the forces of darkness is bound to be a little far-fetched. Still, Once Upon a Time has almost certainly past its prime. In an effort to create a new super-villian, the fifth and most current season centers around “Savior” Emma Swan turning evil (cue a thousand undeniable ‘black swan’ puns). The show’s recycled antagonists who can’t seem to stay dead, alongside various characters’ indecisiveness of whether to be good or bad (we’re looking at you, Gold!) only make audiences long for a snappier happy ending.

3. Supernatural 


We hate to say it but our favorite dynamic duo has had a good run…and what a magical run it’s been! Currently in its eleventh season, Supernatural has changed the face of fantasy drama for the small screen. We’ve seen countless missions to ward off evil demons and encountered plenty of bumps and bruises along the way (metaphorically for us; literally for Dean and Sam); but while the series has cranked out quality storylines for longer than many of its kind, its on-again/off-again dose of brotherly drama seems a bit tedious. We’re hoping this show ends on a high note and gives the Winchester brothers a well-deserved exit. 

4. Big Bang Theory 


Sheldon might say that it’s scientifically proven that an addictively popular comedy, paired with tons of praise from fans and critics alike, equals a renewal for another year. Unfortunately, it’s these successful shows that seem to keep tacking on seasons, despite lack of worthwhile plot-lines or character development. While The Big Bang Theory will always be the perfect re-run show to indulge in, our favorite band of misfit nerds have lost some of their charm in recent episodes. 

5. Grey’s Anatomy 


Let’s cut to the chase: After the passing of our beloved Derek Shepherd, things in our guilty-pleasure hospital opera got a little bit muddy. Though the show has managed to keep us unhealthily addicted for over a decade, losing a pinnacle character really did some damage. Also, how much longer are we expected to watch Meredith suffer an obscene amount of drama? Though it’d bittersweet, we think it’s time to put this show to rest.