15 Signs You’re a Total TV Addict

What is a television addict? When asked that question, you would probably say, “someone who is addicted to TV.” But aren’t we all, at least a little bit? You can pretty much watch TV at any given point of day: on your television, on your phone, on your computer, on the train…everywhere. Maybe there are varying degrees of addicts. For those of you who are unsure if they’re a TV addict, let’s address the signs.

1. You can often be found just like this:


2. You have a special little dance you do right before a new episode of one of your favorite shows:


But it’s a dance you can do from your couch, because the show is ABOUT TO START!

3. You watch everything you can. So when you get a new show to binge watch, this is your exact state of mind:


4. You’re on Netflix so often, you don’t even notice their weird categories anymore:


5. You love TV so much, you find yourself sharing what you’re watching way too often:


6. When your friends ask if you think you watch too much TV, this is your response:


7. Nothing is more terrifying than the idea of your TV or computer not working during show time:


8. You don’t know what to do with yourself when you don’t have something to watch:

Comedy Central/reddit.com

That brief period of the year where NOTHING seems to be new on TV. Re-run central is hell. You’ve seen the same episode of Criminal Minds 15 times, but you’re not going to just turn your TV off.

9. You’ve been caught hiding at a party, watching TV alone:


10. Date nights with you boyfriend/girlfriend are spent exactly like this:


Them = bored stiff. You = enraptured.

11. Anytime a family member says “what should we do?” you suggest TV:

GIPHY/Cartoon Network

12. You’ve found that after all your time watching TV, you’re up for watching anything, at least once:


You have a serious love/hate relationship with commercials.

13.When someone tries talking when your show is on, you’re known to scream:

GIPHY/Universal Pictures

14. You might have realized you have a bit of a problem:


15. But it’s too late now for you to fix it, so you plan on spending the rest of your life like this:


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