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Simon Cowell’s Inventor Show Gets Sexy as Model Peels Off

British reality TV king Simon Cowell‘s new show has left censors blushing after an inventor’s sexy model surprised judges by baring all.

A contestant on TV talent contest American Inventor came up with the ultimate saucy gift when she introduced her “Naught Not Lingerie” on the show last night.

The gimmick, a large red bow tied to cover a model’s bust, thrilled judges, but their eyes almost popped out of their head when the blonde asked, ‘Hey baby, do you want me to unwrap it?’ before disrobing completely with a quick tug.

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Standing there in just a barely-there G-string, censors dashed to cover up the model’s breasts and genitals with black bars.

Cowell, the executive producer of American Inventor, admits he loves being part of the zany show, on which wannabe inventors try to impress a panel of judges with a series of hair-brained ideas.

He says, “Ninety percent of the people are nutcases but I kinda like that.”

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