Stephen Colbert Gets Celebs To Share Their Pet Peeves On ‘The Late Show’

We can’t stand that obnoxious neighbor who always seems to be banging on the floor or blasting music at odd hours of the night. We cannot stand that one co-worker who always seems to be microwaving things like fish or hard-boiled eggs at work. We’ve got a lot of pet peeves, but we’re not the only ones. Some of our favorite celebrities have just as many pet peeves as we do. They are human, after all.

In a new episode of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to get celebrities like Anna Kendrick and Tom Hiddleston to share some of their pet peeves. The results are hilarious!

Kendrick has a very typical type of pet peeve. She can’t stand passive aggressive behavior (even if she’s a little passive aggressive in her description of it). Tom Hiddleston can’t stand when people confuse him for Michael Fassbender, and we totally never realized this before, but they’re basically the same person.

It just gets more outlandish from there. Zach Woods prefers people don’t hit him with a pipe and steal his wallet, reasonably so. That sounds pretty obnoxious, right? Nick Offerman wishes that people would just leave him alone when he’s trespassing in their garages — we wonder what kind of goodies he’s finding in there. David Duchovny prefers that aliens didn’t abduct him just to tell him how inaccurate The X-Files was — which we’re guessing was totally inaccurate, but we’ll never really know unless we’re beamed up as well.

Check out the full video above. What’s your biggest pet peeve?