Stephen King Furious Over ‘Idol’ Competition

Horror giant Stephen King has blasted ABC for scheduling the small-screen adaptation of his latest work Desperation at the same time as the American Idol finals.

The Misery author is thrilled with director Mick Garris‘ TV adaptation of his novel, which stars Ron Perlman and Annabeth Gish, but was horrified to discover it will be fighting for audiences with rival network Fox’s talent show tomorrow.

Writing on his website, King says, “Those of you who are familiar with the wonderful world of television may have noticed that Desperation–probably the best TV movie to be made from my work–has been scheduled by ABC to run, not just against American Idol, but against the American Idol finals.

“But am I bitter? Hell, yes, I am bitter!

“Those of you who watch will get a gold star. Those of you who don’t, and watch American Idol instead… well, just remember: I have strange powers.”

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