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Steve Carell Rules Out ‘The Office’ Revival


Steve Carell has ruled out a revival of The Office.

The actor fronted the American adaptation of the hit British sitcom, which starred Martin Freeman and Ricky Gervais, for the eight years it was on air until 2013.

Last year (16), Steve wrote on Twitter that The Office would be returning to the NBC network, but later admitted that the message had been a joke.

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Speaking about the show, the star has shared that he wouldn’t feel right about stepping back into the shoes of boss Michael Scott.

“No, I don’t miss doing the character. I’m glad I did the character,” he told website junkee.com. “You know, it goes back to talking about that lightning in a bottle, because, and nothing against any revivals that happen, but these are never the same. You never get the same kind of energy. It would have to be exactly the same as it was to work. And it never could be.”

However, the 54-year-old is happy to be returning to the Despicable Me empire as lovable animated villain Gru, with the third instalment of the franchise due to hit cinemas this summer (17).

Back again with his loyal followers, the Minions, Steve can’t wait to share the new movie with fans.
“I think they’re very kind movies,” he smiled. “I think they put a really gentle, funny energy out into the world. And I like to be part of that. I love that they’re completely lacking in cynicism, and they’re just fun.”

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