7 Storylines In “American Horror Story” Inspired By History

American Horror Story is back for its fourth season and once again, changed the setting and characters to keep things fresh. One thing that has made this horror show unique is the fact that it has pulled from American history to create interesting and horrifying characters. We decided to look closer at the 7 storylines in American Horror Story that were inspired by history.

1. Marie Delphine LaLaurie

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The Coven was so good and creepy not only because of the amazing casting of Kathy Bates, but because of the character she played. She played Marie Delphine LaLaurie, a woman who is now remembered for being a socialite who took pleasure in torturing and murdering her slaves. Her horrendous actions weren’t brought to light until her home was set on fire. She then fleed the city after the public became outraged by her gruesome actions.

2. Jimmy Darling is based on Grady Stiles Jr.


This season Evan Peters takes on the character of Jimmy Darling, a man who is part of the freakshow due to having “lobster hands.” The real person who this character is based off of is Grady Stiles Jr. He was born with a congenital disorder called ectrodactyly that gives the appearance of claws. He went on tour in the circus, but he was a dark man. He was reportedly an alcoholic and was convicted of third degree murder for murdering his eldest daughter’s fiance, but only got 15 years probation.  

3. The Black Dahlia


Going back to the first season it might be hard to sift through and remember each ghost. That season featured a crowded haunted house. But one of the most beautiful ghosts had to be The Black Dahlia played by Mena Suvari. The Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short, was indeed a real woman whose death made news headlines everywhere. The waitress’ dismantled body was found by a housewife. Each corner of her mouth was cut three inches that made her face appear to be smiling. Her killer was never brought to justice.

4. Stevie Nicks was rumored to be a witch in real life


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Ever wondered why Misty Day (Lily Rabe) had a weird fascination with Stevie Nicks? Then, Stevie actually made an appearance on the show?! Well turns out back when she was popular there were rumors that she was in fact a witch…because people are idiots. Good thing that Stevie Nicks has a sense of humor and decided to play the part! It made a memorable episode.

5. Twisty The Clown is inspired by John Wayne Gacy


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This season didn’t add a clown just to torture people with a huge fear of them. This character was actually inspired by a serial killer named John Wayne Gacy, who killed 33 boys and young men. He was found guilty for these crimes in 1980 and executed by leathal injection.  

6.  The Axeman


Another character from The Coven that was based on a real person is The Axeman played by Danny Huston. The serial killer committed his crimes during 1918-9 in New Orleans. He usually would break into his victims houses through the back door and kill his victims using a razor or axe. It is known that he is a lover of jazz music since he wrote in his letter that he wouldn’t harm people who played jazz music in their homes.

7. The world’s smallest woman inspired her own character!


Chances are that you recognize Jyoti Amge due to her being the world’s smallest woman weighing in to a total of 11 pounds and is 23 inches tall! She undoubtedly inspired her own character, Ma Petit on the show.

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