‘Supernatural’ Is Prepping For a Seventh Season

Jared PadaleckiIt was supposed to end last year, but it came back for another full season and now the folks behind Supernatural are looking at a seventh season. There’s been no official word from the CW about renewal yet, but the show’s producers are confident that they’ll get the chance to continue the story. So confident, in fact, that they’re banking on renewal for the season finale.

Executive producer, Eric Kripke, tells E!, “We’re looking pretty good. We’re bullish enough on it that we cliffhang the finale.” Now, this move could be bullish enough to work, but if you were an avid Veronica Mars fan like I was, you know that playing this kind of scripted TV chicken can be risky and potentially upsetting if the chips fall on the wrong side. Mars’ writers also wrote a cliffhanger finale for what ended up being the last-ever episode of the show because the CW, the same network that houses Supernatural, pulled the plug at the last minute. The result was a group of disgruntled, but rabid fans left with a killer cliffhanger and no hope for answers. It seems that Supernatural’s chances are a bit better than Veronica Mars were, but it’s still a risky move.

Source: E! Online